On February 28, 2018, Wednesday, Ms. Meylene Condalor-Rosales took her oath as Assistant Regional Director (ARD) of NEDA Regional Office (NRO) VIII. The oath taking, held at NEDA Central Office (NCO), was administered by Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Ernesto M. Pernia. The Ceremony was conducted following the issuance of her appointment to Director III position by President Rodrigo R. Duterte, signed on February 14, 2018. Said appointment has officially made her a full-fledged ARD of NRO VIII after having served as OIC-ARD since November 15, 2016.

ARD Rosales has been with NRO VIII for more than 27 years. She started working as Economic Development Specialist (EDS) I in 1990, and rose from the ranks through hard work, dedication and commitment. Before assuming as OIC-ARD, she was the Division Chief (DC) of the Policy Formulation and Planning Division (PFPD) from 2015 to 2016.

For the most part of her stint in NRO VIII, ARD Rosales was heavily involved in the preparation of several development plans of the region. She led the preparation of the Eastern Visayas Regional Development Plan (EV-RDP) 2017-2022; updating of the EV-RDP 2014-2016; Sulhog: Eastern Visayas Yolanda Reconstruction Plan and its companion document – Yolanda Investment Program 2014-2016; Padayon: Typhoon Nona Provincial Rehabilitation and Recovery Plan of Northern Samar; Visayas Spatial Development Framework (VSDF) 2015-2045; Regional Spatial Development Framework (RSDF) 2015-2045; and the ongoing updating of the Regional Physical Framework Plan (RPFP) 2015-2045.

Since her assumption as OIC-ARD until now as full-fledged ARD, she has been serving as the secretary of the Regional Development Council VIII.

Aside from the competencies on development planning and other technical skills, her notable strengths are her presentation, facilitation and writing abilities, which have been of optimal use in the delivery of NRO VIII’s major outputs. Her commitment to work is demonstrated in her high receptiveness to challenging assignments, including those beyond her duties as unit head. Her “extra miles” for the welfare of the office are remarkable.

For such passion for work, ARD Rosales was Best Employee of NRO VIII for two (2) consecutive years (2014 and 2015), relative to the granting of the Performance-Based Bonus (PBB).

Nine other NEDA officials took their oath as Presidential appointees to their respective positions: Nieva T. Natural, Director IV of NEDA-Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment Staff (ANRES); Thelma C. Manuel, Director IV of NEDA-Governance Staff (GS); Remedios S. Endencia, Director IV of NEDA-Regional Development Staff (RDS); Raul S. Anlocotan, Director IV of NRO-MIMAROPA; Susan A. Sumbeling, Director III of NRO-MIMAROPA; Priscilla R. Sonido, Director III of NRO XI; Agustin C. Mendoza, Director III of NRO III; Donald James D. Gawe, Director III of NRO II; and Ferdinand P. Tumaliuan, Director III of NRO I.

Mark G. Lomboy, ORD, NEDA VIII