Construction works for Calbayog City’s Coastal Road Project is nearing completion, according to the most recent report of the Regional Development Council VIII-Regional Project Monitoring Committee (RDC VIII-RPMC).

The RPMC monitoring team visited the site on 18 August for an inspection and reported that construction of the road network’s segments with approved funding of Php1.169 billion is already 83.3 percent completed.

The construction of the Calbayog City Coastal Road aims to create alternative routes in the city to decongest traffic in Calbayog City proper.

However, certain segments of the already funded network have yet to break ground.

Packages A and 2A of the project, constructing a bridge across the Calbayog River, have yet to start despite an original start-date of June 2019.

Delays to the project were due to the fact that the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Samar 1st District Engineering Office has yet to finalize the revised project plan and cost estimates for the crane way. Moreover, the office has also yet to come into an agreement with affected stakeholders on the temporary closure and relocation of the existing wharf along the mouth of the Calbayog River to pave the way for the bridge construction.

The monitoring team enjoined the DPWH to fast-track the requirements and preparations for the project so construction of the bridge can finally begin.

Article and Photos by: Knulp Aseo, DRD/ Erlito H. Vitor, PMED