NEDA Regional Office (NRO) VIII garnered a rating of 93% compliance, which translates to a 5-star rating, during the walkthrough virtual energy audit conducted and evaluated by the Department of Energy (DOE) – Energy Audit Team (EAT) on 16 May 2022 via Microsoft Teams.

Reports on fuel and electricity consumption from 2017 to 2021, information on the designated Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EEC) Officer and EEC Focal Person, the energy efficiency and conservation measures being adopted by the office, inventory of lighting fixtures, office equipment, generator sets, air conditioning units and vehicles, and other supporting documents such as preventive maintenance of vehicles and sample trip tickets, among others, have been submitted to the DOE-EAT prior to the virtual audit for their review and assessment in reference to the Government Energy Management Program (GEMP).

Present during the said activity were Engr. Crizaldo G. Santos and Ms. Louise Andrea B. Melquiades from the DOE-EAT and Chief Administrative Officer Atty. Jam M. Colas and Engr. Benigno C. Baoy, Jr., in their capacity as EEC Officer and EEC Focal Person, respectively, and Stephanie V. Plimaco, from NRO VIII.

Engr. Santos briefly discussed and encouraged the switch to inverter technology in appliances and the use of LED bulbs to attain full compliance with the GEMP and exercise prudent and judicious energy consumption.

Also presented during the audit were the NRO VIII’s austerity measures relative to energy conservation such as switching off lights during noon break and no idling of car engines, among others. The office is also compliant with its regular monthly submission of electricity and fuel consumption in the GEMP Online System.

Article by: Stephanie V. Plimaco
Photos by: Stephanie V. Plimaco and Ingrid Faye P. Calayag