NEDA VIII conducted a training in writing resolutions and issue papers and complete staff work (CSW) for the staff of NEDA and other regional line agencies in Eastern Visayas, on 16-17 November 2021, via Zoom.

The two-day training aimed to develop and improve the skills and abilities of the various inter-agency secretariats in the region to produce clear, complete, concise, and accurate resolutions and issue papers; and learn and apply the concepts of CSW in their everyday work.

Former Regional Director of NEDA CAR, Milagros A. Rimando, led the training.

Throughout her talk, she emphasized the need for complete staff work (CSW) to ensure that superiors will have all the necessary information and context they need to make a decision.

Rimando also introduced participants to the basics of writing resolutions and issue papers. These are two of the most common and crucial work undertaken by secretariats.

She advised participants to strike a balance between making resolutions clear and concise yet be able to provide adequate information as to how the resolution was arrived at by the Council and its Committees.

Participants to the training came from different regional line agencies in Eastern Visayas including NEDA, DTI, DOST, PIA, DBM, and PSA.

Article and Photos by: Knulp Aseo, DRD and Hiyasmin B. Martillo, FAD