Thirty-five (35) families from four barangays of Pastrana, Leyte, the initial set of beneficiaries of these resettlement project of the National Housing Authority (NHA) in this municipality, may now move to their new homes.

The selection on who will occupy in what unit number was made through a raffle ceremony, last, June 14, attended by Pastrana Mayor Alvin Opiniano, Sangguniang Bayan member Claudette Anne Chua and Committee Chair on Housing, and NHA Leyte Project Manager Marilyn Lauzon. Also around were representatives from the NEDA VIII, ROBIG Builders & Development Corporation and, NHA Estate Management Specialist Julivee Lentejas who presented the mechanics of the day’s activity.

In his brief welcome message, Mayor Opiniano emphasized that occupants have the responsibility to take good care of the housing unit given to them, as the money spent in building the houses came from the people’s taxes.

For her part, Councilor Chua shared that the recipients were qualified not just on the basis of being among the poorest of the poor, but among the poorest of the poorest.

The Pastrana Ville, as the new community is called, is a Yolanda Permanent Housing Program of the NHA, where a total of 960 housing shelters were constructed since April 10, 2015 for a duration of 1,245 calendar days.

The size of one unit is 40 square meters and the floor area is 22 square meters. It is technically described as a conventional loftable rowhouse, with space for a second floor. Each unit is given free of charge.

Lines for a water system were already installed, while electricity for individual house connection was guaranteed by the NHA as also free of charge.

Article by Ramon C. Hidalgo, PMED, NEDA VIII