The Second Quarter 2018 Meeting of the RDC VIII-Development Administration Committee (DAC) held on 25 May 2018 at the Ocho Seafood and Grill Restaurant, Tacloban City marked a new leadership in the Committee. DBM VII RD Imelda C. Laceras, the outgoing RDC VIII-DAC Chair formally turned-over the Committee’s Chairpersonship to DILG VIII RD Marivel C. Sacendoncillo.

By virtue of RDC VIII memorandum dated 23 May 2018 issued by RDC VIII Chairperson and Tacloban City Mayor Cristina G. Romualdez, RD Sacendoncillo was officially appointed as the successor RDC VIII-DAC Chairperson following the reassignment of RD Laceras to Region VII. RD Sacendoncillo was designated as full-fledged DILG VIII RD per DILG Department Order No. 2018-378 dated 2 May 2018, effective immediately.

Prior to her assumption as DILG VIII RD, Director Sacendoncillo served as the Executive Director of the Local Government Academy (LGA), the training arm and human resource development enabler of the DILG, which covers not only its department personnel but also local government officials and personnel of the local government bureaus and regional field offices. She steered the LGA in ensuring quality policies and local government services with excellence and innovative training solutions, anchored on the principles of transparency, accountability, participatory and responsive local governance to satisfy the current and emerging needs of service providers conforming to global management system standards.

Meanwhile, RD Laceras was awarded by the RDC VIII-DAC with a Certificate of Recognition citing her meritorious contribution to the development of Eastern Visayas as RDC VIII-DAC Chair for eleven years under four administrations, and as President of Region Eight Administrators League (REAL), Inc. for six years.

In her maiden stewardship of the Committee, RD Sacendoncillo pushed for the passage of the following RDC VIII-DAC resolutions: No. 12, s. 2018, “Recommending RDC VIII Endorsement on the Creation of the RDC VIII-DAC Technical Working Group (TWG) that will Institute Mechanisms to Streamline Accessing of the Fund Facilities of the Municipal Development Fund Office (MDFO) of the Department of Finance (DOF)”; No. 13, s. 2018, “Recommending RDC VIII Endorsement of the Amendments of the Provision of EO No. 366, Defining the Functions of the Barangay Peace and Order Committee Membership of the Philippine Army”; No. 14, s. 2018, “Recommending RDC VIII Support and Adoption of the Bantay-Kaagapay Program of the DILG in All Government Instrumentalities”; No. 15, s. 2018, “Recommending RDC VIII Endorsement to Compel the Concerned Agencies and State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) to Regularly Submit the Quarterly Summary of Performance Monitoring Reports (SPMRs) to the RDC VIII by Invoking Executive Order No. 2, s. 2016”; No. 16, s. 2018, “Recommending RDC VIII Endorsement for the Inclusion in the Regional Development Report (RDR) 2017 of the Enhancing Peace, Security, Public Order, and Justice Administration and Ensuring Good Governance”; No. 17, s. 2018, “Requesting the RDC VIII and Concerned Agencies to Conduct a Series of Solutions-Seeking Performance Dialogues and Regularly Visit the Performance Targets”; and No. 18, s. 2018, “Recommending RDC VIII Recognition of Agency’s Notable Accomplishments on the Development Targets Set in the Eastern Visayas Regional Development Plan (RDP) and Results Matrices 2017-2022”.

RD Sacendoncillo cited prospects of the RDC VIII-DAC under her chairpersonship. One is a proposal to form a Regional Resiliency Council which will integrate the regional resiliency initiatives of the RDDRMC, RPOC and the RDC and put these into one. The other is the enhancement of the inter-operability of the various regional line agencies through efficient and effective government structure since the RDC VIII-DAC cuts across the four sectoral committees of the RDC VIII for appropriate committee and RDC VIII Full Council actions.

Matthew B. Añosa, PDIPBD, NEDA VIII