The Regional Development Council (RDC) VIII is once again announcing the conduct of the selection of Private Sector Representatives (PSRs) to the RDC VIII for the 2016-2019 term of office.

Executive Order No. 325 (s. 1996) provides for the reorganization and strengthening of the Regional Development Councils to make them more effective institutions in the regions responsible for ensuring sustainable, participatory and equitable development.

The reorganized RDCs shall be composed of: a) all provincial governors; b) all city mayors; c) mayors of capital towns; d) all presidents of the provincial league of mayors; e) mayor of the municipality designated as the regional center; f) regional directors of the agencies represented in the NEDA Board; and, g) private sector representatives. The PSRs shall comprise one-fourth of the members of the fully-constituted Council, which is equivalent to 15 slots for the RDC VIII. Given the important role of the private sector in regional development, EO 325 specifically promotes the active participation and involvement of PSRs in regional planning, investment programming, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation.

Section 14 of EO 325 provides that the term of office of the RDC Chairperson, Co-Chairperson and PSRs shall be three (3) years coinciding with the term of local elective officials. Thus, RDC VIII shall again undertake the selection of the RDC VIII PSRs for the term 2016 – 2019.

The selection of the PSRs to RDC VIII shall be done in accordance with the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of EO 325. This is also enumerated in the Supplemental Guidelines for the Selection of Private Sector Representatives to the Regional Development Council VIII for the Term 2016-2019.

As provided for in the guidelines, nominating PSOs must be duly recognized by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or any government agency that registers organizations and associations for the purpose of bestowing legal personality. The PSR nominee must be a Filipino citizen of legal age, not otherwise disqualified by law, with proven track record in pursuing socio-economic development in the region, must not hold any government position, and must not receive any remuneration from the government.

Based on the region’s development framework, the 15 RDC VIII PSRs shall be allocated to the following sectors but not limited to the areas of interest listed hereunder:

Nomination forms are available at NEDA Regional Office VIII, Government Center, Palo, Leyte. Duly filled out nomination forms should be submitted to the RDC VIII Secretariat on or before 5 August 2016. Conduct of Sectoral Election will be scheduled on third week of August 2016.

For more information, please contact Mr. Niño Archie S. Labordo or Ms. Meliza Y. Bacolbas of the Development Research Division, NEDA Regional Office VIII at telephone no. (053) 323-2975, telefax no. (053) 323-3092 or email at

Niño Archie S. Labordo, DRD, NEDA VIII