August 8, 2022 – The Local Project Monitoring Committees (LPMCs) of Ormoc City (City PMC) and Oras, Eastern Samar (Municipal PMC) shared their project monitoring and evaluation (M&E) activities and experiences during the recently held Regional Development Council (RDC) VIII-Regional Project Monitoring Committee (RPMC) 3rd Quarter meeting on 22 July 2022.

Engr. Carl Daniel P. Kho, civil society organization member of the Ormoc CPMC, reported that they continually conducted M&E activities despite initially being disrupted by the pandemic. They monitored and inspected nine projects during the 2nd quarter of 2022, consisting of construction/rehabilitation of evacuation centers and facilities, school buildings and facilities, flood control projects, and water systems. He shared that Ormoc CPMC has set a fixed monthly schedule for meetings and field monitoring visits. These activities ensured that the Ormoc CPMC performed its expected functions, particularly in ascertaining that projects are implemented seamlessly, and targets are met.

Meanwhile, the Oras MPMC, represented by Municipal Engr. Maria Arlene Noroña-Arellano, reported that they monitored five projects this 2nd quarter. These are: construction of multi-purpose building, youth center, integrated public market and terminal, as well as rehabilitation of a municipal road and a bridge. She likewise shared that the Oras MPMC regularly conducts quarterly meetings and field monitoring visits.

The Ormoc CPMC and Oras MPMC obtained “Medium Functionality” and “High Functionality” ratings in the second quarter of 2022, respectively, based on the Department of the Interior and Local Government’s (DILG) LPMC functionality assessment tool. This means that these LPMCs are actively doing their functions to a certain level in four priority parameters, namely: 1) organization; 2) training; 3) planning; and 4) implementation and reporting.

The RDC VIII-RPMC encourages all LMPCs in the region to actively carry out their task of assessing whether development programs and projects implemented are delivering results in support of local, regional and national development plans.

Article and Photos by: Josefina Ballesteros (PMED)
Photo by: Ana Rose Magdalaga (PMED)